Car Sharing is here.

On-demand cars   Pay by the minute   Fuel, insurance and maintenance included

Why ZÜN?

ZÜN is founded on the principles of innovation and sustainability. We’ve combined leading in-car and smartphone technologies to let you borrow from a fleet of great cars, with on-demand access and rates suited to any trip length – from a few minutes to a whole day.

The concept is simple. You enjoy the convenience and flexibility of driving a great car, without the expense and stress of owning one.

Welcome to Grand Cayman! While you’re settling in you have one less thing to worry about: mobility. Use ZÜN on demand from the day you arrive for all your needs. You may even decide not to buy your own car after all.

With insurance renewals, vehicle inspection, vehicle licensing, maintenance and repairs, owning multiple cars can take its toll on your family time and budget. Using ZÜN for a second car provides a simple solution that’s also environmentally friendly.

No matter how you get to work, if you need a car during your day, you have ZÜN. This gives you flexibility to switch up your commute – try carpooling or bicycling – explore all your options and travel freely.

If your car lands in the repair shop, look no further than ZÜN. Great cars are waiting. You can borrow one in a minute and keep it as long as you like.

High season at the domicile? Taking out someone special? ZÜN gives you a world of convenience: a great new car, on demand access, borrow and return with your smartphone. You never need to pre-book so keep your plans flexible and enjoy the moment.

Maybe you’re looking to offload the time and expense that goes with managing your company cars. Or you’d like a simple way to keep employees from using personal vehicles for business. Or you’d like to give your valued employees a perk. In so many ways, ZÜN aligns perfectly with business needs.

How it Works


It only takes 5 minutes to register with ZÜN. You’ll need your driver’s licence and a credit card. We’ll process your registration in a single business day – or even faster!


Download the ZÜN app and login. You’ll see the borrow & return zones and available cars on the map. Tap reserve, walk to your ZÜN and start your trip – it’s that easy.


Drive your ZÜN for as long as you like. Check the app anytime for trip duration and charges. When you’re done, bring your ZÜN to a designated zone. We’ll charge your card and email you a receipt.


With ZÜN, everything’s included:

  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Washing & cleaning
  • 24 x 7 roadside assistance
  • Fuel – yes even fuel

All you do is drive!

Yearly membership $40 KYD $50 USD
Per minute $.55 KYD $.69 USD
Per hour $16 KYD $20 USD
Daily $80 KYD $100 USD
Overnight 7PM to 8AM $32 KYD $40 USD
Weekend SAT 8AM to MON 8AM $128 KYD $160 USD


Cayman Islands Car Share

ZÜN’s fleet includes the 2018 Audi A3 Sportback!

This 5-door hatchback with leather interior is premium quality inside and out, and provides the maneuverability and parking ease you need on Cayman’s streets and roads.

True to the Audi driver-centric experience, it also features an incredible sound system, Bluetooth interface for calls and music, plus rear-view camera with parking aid.

Borrow & return zones

Need a ZÜN? Borrow a car from any one of our convenient zones. When you’re done, return it to any zone for a one-way or round trip.

View current zones by downloading the ZÜN mobile app. Without registering or logging into the app you’ll see our zones highlighted on the map.



ZÜN for iPhone and Android gives you on-demand access to cars – anytime, day or night.

  • Locate available cars
  • Reserve cars up to 15 minutes in advance
  • Start trips
  • Check trip duration and charges
  • End trip
  • View all past trips
  • Change account settings
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